Saffron outfit’s bid to unite Brahmins, Bhumihars, Tyagis in Uttar Pradesh

LUCKNOW: Even as political parties like the SP and BSP are trying to woo the Brahmins, who constitute 11% of UP’s population, a saffron family’s fringe outfit — Rashtriya Jagruk Brahman Mahasangh – has initiated efforts to unite Brahmins, Bhumihars and Tyagis.

The group has reportedly chosen UP BJP vice-president AK Sharma, a former bureaucrat and a close confidante of Prime Minister Narendra modi , to lead the show. Till now, Sharma — a Bhumihar — had been focussing on eastern UP districts but, according to sources, he was in Ghaziabad for the past two days and attended the programme of the Mahasangh as the chief guest. BJP functionaries from these three castes also attended the event.

The Mahasangh is headed by RD Sharma, who switched loyalty to the BJP after remaining in the BSP for 16 years. All attempts to contact BJP vice-president AK Sharma failed.

“I am a BJP booth president (booth number 325) in Muradnagar assembly constituency. The programme was planned only five days ago,” RD Sharma said, claiming that his organisation had members in 17 states.

When asked why only BJP leaders were invited, he said there was little choice as most of the people’s representatives were from the BJP.

Those present in Mahakumbh were Ghaziabad Mayor Asha Sharma and BJP MLA from Sahibabad constituency in Ghaziabad, Sunil Sharma.

RD Sharma had earlier hit out at BSP president Mayawati after her announcement to organise a Prabuddh Varg Sammelan to win over Brahmins. “If she is really concerned about the plight of Brahmins, she should have given prominent posts to Brahmin leaders at district levels,” he said. He also trashed Mayawati’s statement that Brahmins had been misguided.

The development comes at the time when the BSP is in its fourth day of Prabuddh Varg Sammelan, led by Satish Chandra Mishra, the lone Brahmin face and national general secretary of the party.

Mishra, who was recently appointed the national media coordinator of the BSP, had said on the first day of the Sammelan on July 23 that Brahmins were feeling cheated by the BJP and SP governments.

Samajwadi Party, on the other hand, has also made an elaborate plan to woo Brahmins.

Meanwhile, in a tweet, RD Sharma said: “Took blessings from gurujan who came from various districts to attend the Brahmin-Tyagi-Bhumihar Mahakumbh in Ghaziabad. I know the power of their blessings. My prayers that I continue to get their blessings

“The idea behind the organisation’s bid to unite the three castes is that only they offer prayers to Bhagwan Parshuram,” Sharma said.

Sources privy to the programme said if the three castes came together, they may add up to 17% of the voters and in some districts have a strong presence of around 27%, and no party would be able to ignore their combined might.

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